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The guide below contains examples and tips for writing a resume tailored to the current market that will help you find your next job. You can use the following tips for kindergarten assistants, write an impressive resume for yourself in a few minutes and start your job search today.

Working with children and their families can be rewarding. The intimate nature of childcare makes the assistant job very personal. That is why it is so important to design a resume that conveys a pleasant and positive personal image. Parents want the best for their children, so convincing them that giving the right person for the job requires skill. You need to emphasize your skills, but also show enough of who you are so that the body that employs you will want to invite you to be a significant part of the children's lives.

A job as an assistant is a special job in which candidates are often more scrutinized by potential employers than in any other position. As an assistant requires more than a friendly attitude, connection with children and a great impression with the parents, you need a professional resume that will help you emphasize your education, experience and skills in addition to your wonderful personal qualities.

In a few minutes we will teach you how to:

Using our sample resume and design templates, we will therefore help you write the best resume and find the dream job you have always wanted.

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  • Writing an introduction:

A resume of a kindergarten assistant should give the impression of efficiency, reliability and warmth. You want the professional staff to trust you with the kindergarten children and access to personal details of family life.

Since you are helping with raising and accompanying the children, your approach to the resume should be a little different from that of a less personal career. Go wild and be creative here! The resume should stay professional, of course, but give yourself a little leeway to explain why you would be a great helper. The number one quality that every child care worker needs is love for children. Demonstrate in this section that allows free writing and flows your wonderful approach to children. This is the place to be completely yourself!

A typical introduction is between two and three sentences. You are not writing a biography. This section should point out the successes of your career and the qualities that will make children respect you and parents trust you. Use vivid and energetic descriptive language.

  • Work Experience:

Any work with children, including raising your family, is considered when it comes to creating a great resume. Employment history tells employers that you are serious and traditional about your job as an assistant.

It is very important to note as much experience as possible in working with children, because of the size of the responsibility imposed on an assistant from the moment she is placed in kindergarten. Therefore, you will feel comfortable noting experience from private life as well and not just one that is professional.
Did you work as a babysitter, even if it was for a younger brother? Did you teach children? Are you mentoring them at a summer camp or youth movement? What about coaching a sports team or studying an art class? All of these then demanded to take responsibility for the children of others. Remember that many of the skills required to be a great assistant are necessary in other jobs as well. Reliability, dedication and communication can be demonstrated, among other things, through your work in another field.

When you mention past experience, whether in kindergarten or in another educational setting, it is advisable to expand on all the responsibilities you have had. Starting from building lesson plans, transferring creative activities and even logistical responsibilities like food preparation or arranging shuttles. If you list these areas of responsibility you will convey a more comprehensive picture and the feeling that you are working magnifies a head, a very significant feature for an outstanding assistant.

  • Skills:

This section gives employers the opportunity to quickly review all the capabilities you will bring to the job. Working with children and families requires the ability to understand and get along with people. These are called soft skills, but hard skills are also a necessity. Difficult skills are the essential knowledge needed to do your job.
That is, an assistant's resume should reflect a combination of professionalism and sensitivity. On the one hand, you must indicate in the skills section qualities such as: patience, creativity, interpersonal communication and empathy. On the other hand, skills such as: knowledge in the child's development or first aid certification and resuscitation will definitely help as well.

In addition, if you speak other languages ​​(for example: Russian or Arabic) indicate this in the skills section. Not only because of the work with the children but rather because of the connection with the parents, who sometimes speak a foreign mother tongue.

  • education:

A kindergarten assistant must have at least 12 years of schooling in addition to the assistant training course. An assistant can be employed with 12 years of training without training if she commits during the first two years of her work to successfully complete a training course.

Early childhood assistant studies are different from horticultural studies, as this is a relatively focused and short-term certificate study, compared to horticultural studies, which are a bachelor's degree that also includes a teaching certificate.
If you have completed a degree, expand on the subject, indicate significant courses or experiences. It is also worthwhile to expand on interesting experiences in the field of education, because this is also an opportunity to stand out from competing candidates. Try to think about the frameworks in which you have accumulated significant knowledge in education, and detail this.

The resume of a special education assistant is slightly different from that of any other assistant. Assistance in the special education sector requires a training course that provides the knowledge and experience of working with a population with special needs and in particular children and their proper integration in the framework.

  • Design :

Your resume allows for a little more creativity than is typical of other resumes because of your career path. However, the design still needs to be clean and professional.

Your goal is for your resume to be read and selected by employers and that means keeping it simple. Long and exhausting paragraphs or cute but unreadable fonts are a barrier to easy and flowing reading. A touch of color is great, but keep it solid and not distracting from the script. Even though you are applying for jobs with young children, stay away from scribbled templates that will distract from the eyes scanning dozens of resumes a day.
Of course there is no need to start everything from scratch, choosing one of our templates will therefore achieve exactly the result you are looking for and will therefore create a great resume that will undoubtedly stand out above the competition.

  • In conclusion, key points and how to make your resume stand out?

The kindergarten assistant is a member of the kindergarten staff, plays an organizational and pedagogical role in the work plan determined by the kindergarten teacher, according to the Ministry of Education's policy.

A bit of bureaucracy: the kindergarten teacher is an employee of the Ministry of Education while the assistant is an employee of the town or council.
The role of the assistant is perceived by many as a role that is not difficult, but only at a glance at the conduct of the kindergarten, it can be seen that this is not the case. The role of the assistant is to assist the teacher in the day-to-day preoccupation with the kindergarten. Whether cleaning, changing, feeding and spending time with the kids.

Key qualities for an excellent assistant include patience, good interpersonal skills, warmth, responsibility and an affinity for education. It is important that the resume reflects this, both in the detail of employment experience and in the description of personal characteristics.
In this industry it is of paramount importance to present experience and affinity to the field. Yes, even a non-professional background is relevant. That is, if you have nephews, children or grandchildren, it is advisable to mention this in the introduction. It shows that you are "in matters" and know the job.
If you have not had a previous job as an assistant, it is important to detail another experience in caring for the children you have. Although it is not customary for resumes for other professions, in the resumes of assistants it is no problem to mention a job as a babysitter, in summer camps and even training in youth movements. In this case if the work has been going on for a long time, let’s say working as a babysitter for a number of years, this indicates a good relationship with children and perseverance and will present the candidacy in a very good light.

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