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The guide below contains examples and tips for writing a resume tailored to the current market that will help you find your next job. You can use the following tips designed for receptionists, write yourself an impressive resume in a few minutes and start your job search today.

The tourism and hotel industry suffered quite a few blows during the Corona period, but on the other hand it seems that the workers in this industry were required to show considerable resourcefulness and creativity. The industry is getting stronger than ever and the search for successful receptionists is only growing.

From ordering dinner to ordering a cab and even helping with marriage proposal planning - there is almost nothing a skilled receptionist can do. This familiar profession of the hotel industry helps guests feel welcome and treated during their stay, as if any need was already anticipated. Just as a receptionist displays the marvelous properties of a hotel or resort, so a resume highlights yours. Use your resume to help market your creativity and problem-solving skills to this coveted position in the hospitality and hotel industry.

Impressive resumes of hotel receptionists should showcase the ability of the candidates to provide excellent customer service skills. Emphasize your ability to work and strive to achieve guest satisfaction. Receptionists need to be skilled at working in accommodation environments, such as hotels, resorts or apartment buildings, so be sure to draw attention to your most relevant work experiences. Your resume should also emphasize skills and attributes necessary for the job such as strong communication skills and a radiant and friendly personality. The ideal candidates for the position are ready to provide guests with welcoming assistance at all times.

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  • Writing an introduction:

Hotel workers function in an intensive environment that does not differentiate between day and night. Here is your opportunity to explain how you will fit in and what professional style you will bring to the table (reception). Most resume sections consist of highlights - of past jobs, schools and skills. The introduction, is your opportunity to evoke a little personality.

This section appears at the top of your resume and highlights your greatest professional accomplishments, but also allows you to describe yourself. Are you relaxed when under pressure? Are you able to anticipate the needs of the guests? Are you skilled at managing a team and dealing with multi-tasking? Detail it here. You have two to three sentences to differentiate yourself from the audience.
The introduction gives employers a chance to get to know your personality, but keep it professional. Studies show that your resume will most likely get a 6-8 second scan (on average), so make every second significant. This is not the place to be modest - you also do not have to be arrogant, you must present your talent and achievements in glamorous language.

In the introduction, mention your personal qualities that stand out as service providers such as courtesy, service, marketing ability, a strong desire to integrate into the hotel industry and more. All of these will help the employer recognize your benefits and encourage an appointment for an interview.

  • Work Experience:

The resumes of receptionists are extremely important because they offer the first opportunity to showcase your customer service skills for future employers. By clearly emphasizing your accomplishments when you help others, you can show that you understand how to anticipate their needs by providing the most relevant information without being asked.

Your employment history is the place to make the most of your experience and ability. Any hotel work, hospitality or service you have worked for is significant to a resume and should be included in your employment experience section. Such jobs testify to your ability to please guests and customers, understand their needs, increase sales and function under stress and fatigue. Of course if you have experience as a receptionist expand on that. For example, what were the requirements beyond your role in receiving the hotel, did you have to meet sales targets, did you also work in additional hotel services, did you provide direct service to customers or did you work with other departments in the hotel.

This is your chance to show in a little detail what you can do and why employers should hire you. Your employment history is the essence of your accomplishments and career growth, not a list of responsibilities at work.

Work experience should clearly show your ability to oversee work-related operations and procedures and reception management. Explain how you can maximize performance, minimize costs, increase revenue and achieve guest satisfaction. Focus on writing focused and relevant sections, outlining your major accomplishments and attributes relevant to the hotel industry. Your resume should showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction and the ability to solve problems if necessary.

  • Skills:

Many employers have long understood that skilled and talented employees are an asset to their business, even if they have not acquired relevant education or have not had time to experience actual work in the field. As mentioned, many of them even prefer to hire talented employees with high level personal skills and train them according to their needs.

If you do have skills that are suitable for the job, it is very worthwhile to dedicate a part of them to your resume. Employers really care about some of the skills, even if you have never worked in the hotel business.

As is well known courteous receptionists have excellent interpersonal skills and interact with a wide range of people, including guests, residents and the general public. Good verbal communication is a must, both to understand the requests of the guests and to convey these expectations to others who will fulfill the requests. Your communication skills, customer service and listening will convey to employers that you are suitable candidates for the job, in addition these character traits can even help you earn great tips. Also, knowing other languages ​​is a big plus that employers will always be happy to see in the resume as this way you will be able to provide service to a wide range of guests.

Most of the requests that receptionists encounter are routine, like finding a good restaurant or arranging an airport shuttle. However, many requests may be unusual, such as finding a veterinarian for an exotic animal, and you must be able to find and provide information for those requests as well. You can use the skills section in your resume to demonstrate your commitment to guest satisfaction and emphasize your creativity and willingness to exceed expectations.

It is important to remember that working behind the counter is a long-time job that requires multitasking, punctuality, attention to detail and meeting pressure. Make sure you include all of these in the skills section.

  • education:

You do not need an academic degree to work around the hotel, but training in hotels, accommodation or tourism can definitely increase the interest in your resume, especially if you are just starting out. A matriculation certificate is all you need to get into the hotel business. If you do have an academic degree, even if it is not related to the field, register it here. Obtaining an academic degree shows that you have determination and perseverance.

In addition, you can always add a line about your military or national service and thus allow the employer to gather more information about you and get to know you better.

  • Design:

Whether you are new to the field or have a resume in some reputable hotels, a clean and attractive template conveys the message that you are professionals. There is no need to include bold colors, innovative layouts or more creative elements, as a manager is looking for someone who can do the job efficiently and with a smile. Our collection of resume templates allows you to find the right balance between a simple and attractive resume.

Just because you are a professional in your field does not mean that you are a graphic design wizard. Even the experts sometimes need help - so we have designed a series of professional design templates for you to help you get the job you are looking for.

  • In summary, key points and how to make your resume stand out?

The role of hotel receptionist is a key role in the hotel accommodation complex, and among other tasks he or she should recommend and book places for hotel guests in restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist sites, cultural events and anything else that comes to mind. Bottom line, it can be said that he or she is the man or woman who connects the hotel guests with the attraction and entertainment they want, and the tourist's experiences depend to a large extent on his recommendations.

The reception desk is the first meeting place between the guests and the hotel service staff. The role of the officials is to offer additional rooms and services to visitors upon entering the hotel, and to address their various problems and needs throughout their stay. The nature of the work requires excellent interpersonal skills, and courteous, tolerant and mature behavior. At the same time, managers of reception offices are required to deal with the accounting aspects arising from guest payments and hotel expenses.
In addition, receptionists are excellent sales people who always need to understand what customers want even before asking for it and think about how to increase hotel sales non-stop. The work behind the reception desk is not simple, it is until late hours, includes holidays and weekends, includes standing on your feet for long hours and sometimes also carrying bags and luggage.

Use your previous work experience, whether in the hotel industry or in another field, to emphasize perseverance in the workplace, dedication and good interpersonal skills. Use energetic language and powerful verbs to show that you have the energy needed to work in a high-pressure environment and describe how diligent and meticulous but also creative and innovative ideas are.

Be sure to give the employer reading your resume information about social performance and team management. Have you worked well with others in the past? Did teamwork allow you to achieve great things? Leading projects / initiatives to improve and streamline customer service? Employers want to make sure they are hiring employees who can make customers happy. If you can effectively transfer your strong social and managerial skills to your resume, you will be in an ideal position.

These are just some of the points that will make your resume stand out from the rest - with the help of our resume writing tool at , you can create a resume easily and quickly and be accepted into the leading companies in the market.

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