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A resume for an example of a security guard, the most comprehensive guide for writing a security guard's resume, with the help of the examples and tips written by recruitment experts, you can create an impressive resume in 5 minutes and you will find a job today!

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The guide below contains examples and tips for writing a resume adapted to the current market that will help you find your next job. You can use the following tips designed for security guards, write an impressive resume for yourself in a few minutes and start your job search today.


Security jobs have long been of no interest to amateurs. Security professionals with experience and skill are needed in Israel and abroad. In a country like ours where preparing for a security incident is so common, the need for responsible security personnel exists all the time.
We should all be grateful to security guards for the protection they provide where we live, work, visit , Shopping or communicating. Their presence helps prevent crime and risks to personal and public safety, as well as theft of property, vandalism and damage - things we do not want in our society.

Security guards survey the area for the purpose of detecting illegal activity, suspicious behavior or dangerous situations. Security guards' resumes show responsibility, composure, identifying suspicious activities, harming authorities, initial investigation of certain situations and even delay until the arrival of law enforcement agencies.
If you are looking for a job in security services, your starting point is an excellent resume that will make you stand out from other candidates.

In a few minutes we will teach you how:

Using our sample resume and design templates, we will help you write the best resume and find the dream job you have always wanted.

so lets start!

  • Writing an introduction:

Most employers take a few seconds to review a resume (as soon as you spot suspicious people), and the first thing they will see is your introduction, so it's critical to leave a winning first impression. The introduction, also known as a profile, is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the potential employer in your own words and describe the skills and abilities that make you ideal for the job.

Although your employment history and training are data that cannot be changed, the profile allows you to emphasize in your own words the qualities you have that the employers are looking for. Be confident and assertive without sounding arrogant or boastful. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer and describe the exact candidates he is looking for.
The introduction is a small and limited place in the resume that has a large and prominent part on the part of the employers. No need for more than 2-3 sentences and convey your professional character, your most impressive qualities and achievements. Use clear, descriptive, dynamic and robust language. Imagine yourself in a strong and energetic way - a simple, authentic and self-confident concrete.

  • Work Experience:

This is where your roles and achievements in previous workplaces are described and should be written in reverse order from latest to earliest. Each section begins with the name of the company or employer and the dates. Below that - describe your contributions in four or five points. Be specific and direct, using strong, active forms such as: deterrence, prevention, protection, countermeasure, security, supervision, etc.
It is recommended to expand on previous security jobs, areas of responsibility, day-to-day routines and the requirements that characterized your job. It is worth noting whether you were armed, whether you worked in a team and what was the sensitivity of the area you secured (there is a difference between securing combat facilities and securing a mall).

It is important not only to point out the fact that you have already worked in security in the past, but that as part of this experience you have demonstrated responsibility, alertness and a good ability to withstand pressures. Remember that your experience not only makes you better candidates for similar jobs, but can leverage you for more challenging jobs.
Security work is a common choice for soldiers who have just been discharged from combat service. Many elite unit veterans are abducted as soon as they submit a resume for their first job and if you are one of those whose military service is related to their current position then you are lucky and you should take advantage of this situation to your advantage.

Therefore, prefer to elaborate on military service in your resume even before you indicate any other employment experience. Beyond indicating the position and the degree in which you were discharged, mention in which rifle you were trained and what else your position included in the military service. If you have not served as a combat soldier, you will probably prefer to look for a job in security that does not require weapons, for example in educational institutions or malls.

  • Skills:

Of course certain physical abilities and training are important when it comes to a resume of security guards, but in the end, what most employers are looking for most of all is not a prestigious degree or glorious combat experience, but candidates who have the skills to perform the specific job. Therefore, the skills section in your resume is extremely important. Sometimes the most important trait in good security guards is their moral character.

Security roles differ in their areas of responsibility and character, so your resume should reflect skills and character traits accordingly. If you are submitting a travel security resume, it is important not only to be responsible and experienced but also to have good interpersonal skills. A travel security guard accompanies groups of people on an experiential and exciting day for them, and it is important that he has a positive part in the experience. On the other hand if you are interested in applying for a job in securing events or facilities, where the attitude is less personal, it is more important to show your ability to function under pressure and control many factors at once.

  • education:

Most security jobs require only a matriculation certificate, although some have no education requirement at all. However, college courses or professional certification in the field can be a great advantage if you are looking for a more competitive job. Authorizations are very important when writing a resume in the field of security, for example: a weapon to carry a weapon, a first aid course, public transportation security guards, etc.

  • Design :

No one expects your resume to look like a work of art. What recruitment managers and employers expect is a document with a professional look that visually matches the look of your uniform: impeccably arranged, sleek, clean and free of any gimmicks.
Keep the design clean and simple, efficient and tidy so that readers can easily see what they are getting and find it easily. Keep in mind that recruitment managers and employers typically only spend a few seconds looking at a resume, so make those seconds count. You want a good visual impression at a glance, before reading the first word.

Of course there is no need to start everything from scratch, choosing one of our templates will get you exactly the result you are looking for and will create you a great resume that will undoubtedly stand out above the competition.

  • In summary, key points and how to make your resume stand out?

Security guards play a vital role in protecting property, people and facilities from theft and other illegal activities. They are responsible for security, maintaining order, supervision and enforcing relevant laws.

Security is one of the most common and necessary areas of practice in the Israeli economy. Practicing security can be a good way to save a lot of money in a short period of time or be a long-term employment channel that can even offer opportunities for promotion and development. Beyond that, Israeli security guards are considered particularly professional outside the country's borders. Quite a few Israelis with experience in security are employed by international companies or for wealthy people around the world.

When looking for a job in the security field, especially if it is a first or second job after the army, it is very important to emphasize whether you have military service relevant to the job. If your service was not relevant to the position for which you are applying, it is very worthwhile to emphasize every element in your resume that makes you unique and suitable for what the potential employer is looking for. For example, volunteer activities in which you participated, commendations you won or sporting events in which you took part (everything, of course, must be relevant to the job and not just life events).

Under the heading of security there are different types of jobs for example securing institutions, events, trips or personalities. It is important that you be honest with yourself during the job search regarding the level of risk you are willing to take on, and the degree of responsibility for which you are mature - of course depending on what your professional training allows. Be picky when considering the requirements in the job ad and choose jobs that are tailored to your needs. And of course, formulate your resume accordingly.

These are just some of the points that will make your resume stand out from the rest - with the help of our resume writing tool at , you can create a resume easily and quickly and be accepted into the leading companies in the market.

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