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The guide below contains examples and tips for writing a resume tailored to the current market that will help you find your next job. You can use the following tips designed for doctors, write an impressive resume for yourself in a few minutes and start your job search today.

The medical profession is one of the most coveted, lucrative and respected fields in the world and for good reason. Doctors are life-saving and we trust them with the thing that is most precious to us: our health. There is no other field that requires a greater investment in years of study, specialization and experience than the field of medicine.
While doctors are capable of diagnosing broken bone, diagnosing rare skin disease and brain surgery, they tend to be introverted and not the best professionals at self-promotion. However, focused self-promotion is exactly what they need in order to find the right job. The medical school teaches how to diagnose diseases but does not teach how to write a resume.

In a few minutes we will teach you how:

Using our sample resume  and design templates, we will help you write the best resume and find the dream job you have always wanted.

so lets start!

  • Writing an introduction:

When it comes to treating patients, you are a specialist. But when it comes to writing a resume, your skills may need a little general testing. Many physicians err in writing a dry list of medical and surgical techniques they are familiar with, rather than writing a compelling professional summary. Instead of taking the dry track, focus on your top three skills and write three compelling, confidently written sentences that indicate your value to the job and your expertise in those skills. You need to sell yourself, not your list of university courses.

Surveys have shown that recruitment managers and employers invest an average of 5 to 10 seconds in a resume exam when deciding whether to continue reading or move on. Lead with your strengths, master the narrative, and do not give your audience a reason to stop reading. This is not the place to be too modest. If you do not show off your skills for the job, no one else will. You need to be confident and assertive without sounding arrogant. The introduction is also the place where you can choose to specify specifically what type of job you are looking for. If you are looking to move from a hospital to a private practice or vice versa, or are looking for a change in your specialty or responsibilities, this is the place to say it.

  • Work Experience:

Medicine is an extremely complex and comprehensive field, so medical studies require the choice of some specialization and also in order to work fully as a physician it is mandatory to go through an intensive internship period under the supervision of a more senior medical staff. The internship period at the end of a medical degree is a year in which young physicians work fully in hospitals and health systems, but are devoid of certain powers and work under the supervision and guidance of senior physicians.
Basically, the work is divided into diagnosis and treatment. The professional should know how to give a correct diagnosis, and tailor relevant treatment to it. In some specialties, the ability to diagnose and treat correctly and quickly is critical as it concerns human life. For example, specializing in internal medicine or intensive care. Some specializations require work in an operating room for example, specialization in surgery, or orthopedics.

In writing your work experience show that you are "running long distances", meaning having a high frustration threshold and a willingness to wait a long time, until working in the profession becomes profitable and rewarding. Demonstrate how you are able to have the authority of the department head and senior executives, but also to face challenges independently while drawing conclusions.

  • Skills:

All positions in the field involve great responsibility and dealing with stress both during and after school. Doctors deal with a sick population and are exposed to uneasy sights and difficult and incurable cases. Beyond the professional role, doctors have a duty to serve as a listening ear and a factor that gives hope to patients and their families.
In order to function well in hospitals, physicians must be dynamic and energetic, and perform the tasks matter-of-factly even when there is a lack of sleep hours. They need to know how to treat the patient pleasantly, to empathize with him, but not to identify with him too much, but to maintain an emotional distance that will help them not to break down if the treatment is unsuccessful. The hospital needs to know immediately and be resourceful on duty in the emergency room.

Your resume will be fuller and richer in vital information if you do not forget to add these important details like special skills you have acquired. If you have managerial, administrative experience, good interpersonal communication, language proficiency, knowledge and experience in using important computer applications, etc., indicate them. You can even tell about your memberships in various unions.

  • Education :

Medical studies or dental studies are considered one of the longest, most difficult and arduous study paths in the world and in Israel in particular. From the very first stage, candidates are required to take very high grades in matriculation and psychometrics, pass entrance exams and maintain high grade averages while simultaneously studying courses from a selection of different worlds in a short time.
Although medical studies are considered one of the most challenging study paths in Israeli academia, it is also a fascinating path in which the necessary clinical knowledge is acquired for doctors in their work, on the way to saving lives. The studies combine theoretical and scientific knowledge, experiences in the health system, research and more on the way to developing the basket of tools and skills created by skilled and quality doctors who can successfully integrate into today's health system, which is more dynamic and complex than ever.

In the Education section we listed academic degrees, courses, advanced training and subspecialties. If you have a high grade point average do not be afraid to indicate this.

  • Design :

A clean and clear design is essential to any doctor's resume. You would not put patients in a crowded and dirty room and your resume should reflect the same attention to detail.

The right format is the backbone of your resume and can entice the employer to continue reading your resume for more than a few single seconds. The design is actually the first impression that the employer will get from you, it will emphasize to him the way you present things and differentiate between the main thing and the treatment.
Because resume templates convey character, what you need is a clean and classic template to present your professional image in a resume. As noted above discipline, accuracy, reliability and expertise are the key associations to the role in the medical profession. Let's illustrate this in your resume format.

Of course there is no need to start everything from scratch, choosing one of our design templates will achieve you exactly the result you are looking for and will create you a great resume that will undoubtedly stand out above the competition.

  • In summary, key points and how to make your resume stand out?

In fact, there are only a few perceptions left that are generally accepted by the general public, and one of them is that medicine is a necessary, important and valued profession. In Israel, there is hardly a mother who does not want her children to learn the coveted profession, and many doctors will be able to attest to the cries of wonder and enthusiasm as they introduce themselves to new people.

In addition, the events of recent years indicate the many challenges they face - doctors' strikes, epidemics and reports on the state of the hospitals point to the many difficulties, but at the same time they present those who chose (and continue to choose every year) to study the profession, did so out of a sense of mission. Which overcomes the obstacles they face, which can only be said of individual professions - that is, it can be said with certainty that this is an unparalleled value choice.

Since your resume is your business card, their job is to present you in the best possible way (while sticking to the truth, of course). Many doctors make the mistake of writing a dry list of medical and surgical techniques they are familiar with, instead of writing a compelling resume that will tell their story effectively. Instead of taking the dry track, focus on naming your top skills that make you stand out. Do not be shy when detailing your employment history and write with confidence your duties and achievements that indicate your value to the job and your expertise in these skills. Frame it in a classic, elegant and clear format for reading that highlights your data and does not overshadow what is written.

These are just some of the points that will make your resume stand out from the rest - with the help of our resume writing tool at resumaker.ai , you can create a resume easily and quickly and be accepted into the leading companies in the market.

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