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The guide below contains examples and tips for writing a resume tailored to the current market that will help you find your next job. You can use the following tips designed for drivers, write yourself an impressive resume in a few minutes and start your job search today.


In the contemporary age of online shopping, click-through shopping and direct home delivery, the demand for drivers is growing. Whether you are delivery drivers, truck drivers or private drivers, a great resume is one of the most important tools for getting your next job on the road. Drivers are entrusted with transporting people or goods, making apartment transitions, assisting with basic infrastructure services and more. This is a very significant profession in the economy, and one that requires great responsibility and vigilance.

You are used to long hours behind the wheel, not long hours behind the computer screen. Dealing with the idea of ​​resume writing can be a daunting task, but a good resume is critical to making your experience and achievements stand out from employers and recruiters in this saturated and competitive market. This is exactly why we have written the following guide which is designed to help you emphasize your ability to be reliable, efficient and flexible - key skills that will set you apart from everyone else in the transportation industry.

In a few minutes we will teach you how:

Using our sample resume and design templates, we will help you write the best resume and find the dream job you have always wanted.

so lets start!

  • Writing an introduction:

The introduction is not mandatory, but it is certainly an important paragraph. It gives you the opportunity to write freely and highlight the important things you want to tell about yourself and your background. The introduction is the only section in the resume where you are given the opportunity to be original and creative.

The first thing that should be noticeable in a driver's resume is the details of the licenses you hold, if it is a type C or C1 license emphasize this, and of course if you hold a license B state this as well. You can even specify the licenses at the beginning of the resume, i.e. in the introductory paragraph.
As you write, read the job description you are approaching several times. What skills and attributes are highlighted as important in this specific driver position? Whether it's a focus on customer service, a need for fast deliveries or the ability to follow safety protocols, this is the information you should refer to to prove you're the right candidates for the job.

It is also possible to indicate in a word the seniority on the road and when traveling in one vehicle or another. It can also be noted if you do not have a history of traffic offenses, it will present you as very attractive candidates as careful and responsible drivers.

  • Work Experience:

The employment experience section is the place to present experience in previous work. First, write down the name of the company, the location and the dates you were employed there. Below, you will create 3-5 points that highlight your most relevant skills. Remember to use strong verbs and mention specific job accomplishments that prove you are an excellent candidate.

The employment experience clause is often the first clause scanned by a potential employer. So keep in mind that the rule of thumb is to show and not to tell. Make every point in your experience section significant and note the impact you had in your previous roles. Make sure each point is accompanied by a concrete example, do not just write that you are excellent in communication and customer relations, demonstrate this. List the responsibilities you had and the schedule you were required to follow. If you were responsible for expensive equipment, if you were also required to perform unloading and loading and what schedules did you meet as part of the job.

Since many come to the driving profession through previous positions in the military, it is possible to elaborate on military service. That is, write down what license you had, what was your role (operational driver, boss driver, etc.) and what were your responsibilities as soldiers. In addition, in professional experience, emphasize the scope of work and the division of jobs in which you were employed, especially if you worked in large areas, provided goods to the business sector, and the like.
If this is your first driving job, use your employment history section to point out skills you have acquired in other jobs that you think will help you quickly adapt to the driving job. Whenever possible, use numbers and percentages to quantify your accomplishments and prove your contribution.

  • Skills:

The skills section is at the heart and center of drivers' resumes. Be sure to include work skills such as a clean and offense-free driving past, experience in mechanics or familiarity with shipment tracking software. This section should also include some interpersonal skills like communication, efficiency or conduct in the organization to show that you are ideal candidates.

Driving a truck requires vigilance and concentration for many hours, responsibility, punctuality and meeting schedules. Be sure to emphasize these important features. Beyond the responsibility required for the many hours on the road, many truck drivers who carry goods of a particular company also constitute a type of its representatives in the field in front of external parties. In these cases it is important that the resume conveys the impression of a sense of service and good interpersonal skills.

  • education:

Since many drivers can start working without any degree or education, you will not have to worry about creating a lengthy study section in your resume. However, your credentials are essential to the job. Register your credentials for the position here.

Many drivers tend to underestimate the screen of their links when they write in the resume only the name of the companies in which they worked and the number of years in each position. But when a company needs drivers and it is looking for an addition to its workforce it will want to recruit the most reliable, hardworking and experienced people. So if you have taken courses that may be relevant to the position you are looking for, list them here.

  • Design :

Competition in today's labor market is high. Therefore you need to make your resume stand out with the right design. That is, to show your personality, along with emphasizing your professional experience and achievements. Employers are more likely to remember original and innovative candidates than those who present a dry bullet list.
In this industry it is better to give up colors, fancy font or images. Maintain an attractive and readable resume so that the employer can digest the information in the shortest possible time. You need to stick to a simple template with a legible and clear structure. Your resume should present facts clearly and without embellishment so that a modern or clean resume format will work well. Order, clarity and organization are the key.

Of course there is no need to start everything from scratch, choosing one of our templates will get you exactly the result you are looking for and will create you a great resume that will undoubtedly stand out above the competition.

  • In summary, key points and how to make your resume stand out?

Drivers are transportation professionals who transport passengers, goods or vehicles. They seek to provide efficient and safe travel and please customers. Drivers are able to adapt and navigate roads and locate the fastest travel routes. They have excellent judgment skills and are able to make strong decisions quickly. The essential skills mentioned in drivers ’resumes are safe driving skills, time management, reliability, customer service direction, attention to detail and communication. There is no need for formal education for this position, but a valid driver’s license is mandatory.

As drivers, people entrust you with their precious luggage every day. Not only do you have to reach your destination on time, but you have to do so while navigating in traffic, sometimes in dangerous road conditions and complex lanes. These talents are not just ordinary; They are exceptional, and your resume should reflect that.
If you do not have a background in the specific job you are accessing, any professional driving experience even as a private car driver would be great, or experience as a military driver. Even if the vehicles you have driven or the nature of the work are different from the one you are trying to get into, your experience indicates that you are capable of many hours of driving. Dealing with the many travel hours is not easy, and the fact that you have past experience shows that you are up to the challenge. In addition, rich experience indicates dedication and many employers are looking for this.

These are just some of the points that will make your resume stand out from the rest - with the help of our resume writing tool at , you can create a resume easily and quickly and be accepted into the leading companies in the market.

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